Need to add some color and depth at your outdoor dinner, wedding, or gathering?

We’ve created a collage of different ways you can easily integrate them into your outdoor decor.

Outdoor design hack by Stout Tent -Eucalyptus garland DIY

Outdoor design hack by Stout Tent -Eucalyptus garland DIY

Here are a few best practices when using foliage:

  • Wait until just before your event to clip.
  • Keep your clippings cool outside until needed.
  • Use florist wire to keep your unruly trimmings in line.
  • Submerge in a cold bathtub if it’s warm out.


Picking the right trimming can be an exciting and eye pleasing adventure, we’ve had to jump fences for a good clipping of one of  our favorite plants for outdoor use; Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus lasts for weeks, and can be preserved with glycerine to last even longer. It bends easily without breaking, which makes it a great choice for a wreath or bunting. We used florist wire and a nice piece of vintage rope to make the bunting for this event.  A small line of leaves on a thin branch was the perfect garland for this wedding cake, and matched the bride’s natural, earthy vibe. More on that gorgeous inspiring wedding, here.




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