After Burn Cleaning Package



Preserve the life of your tent (and protect your health) with a thorough and professional cleaning of your canvas tent, post burn. We’ll clean any tent, not just Stout Tents! Simply send us your tent and we’ll clean it up and ship it back to you FREE!

*** Please allow 4-6 weeks for the return of your tent. Cleaning tents post burn is very time consuming and requires special equipment and a designated location. 



If you’ve taken your canvas tent to the Burning Man Festival it does need to be thoroughly cleaned. We’ve written this blog post to explain exactly what playa dust does to your tent and some tips for cleaning it.

If you don’t want to attempt cleaning it yourself, we’ve designed a cleaning package specifically for post burn tents. Our canvas experts set a specific time and space aside to do a detailed and thorough removal of playa dust in addition to an overall cleaning and disinfecting for potential bacteria that could lead to mold spores.

Just send us your tent and we’ll do the rest, including shipping it back to you FREE!

In the notes section include any important info we need to know about your tent.

Testing for water-resistance is available upon request. If re-proofing is recommended, we’ll let you know and give you the choice to add on a re-proofing or send you our guide on how to re-proof your tent.


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