Frontier Stove – Wood Burning Stove and Kit

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These wood-burning stoves fit nicely inside or outside our Bell Tents, designed with a stove jack included, so there is no need to cut a hole in your tent!



Originally designed for the world of humanitarian aid, this little stove developed a cult following due to its clever engineering and robust design and has been heating up the camping world ever since.

Lightweight and durable, these stoves break down into a nicely-sized box when no longer in use and you can truly take them anywhere. Best of all, these are some of the safest stoves to cook on; the long flue makes sure to send those nasty gasses up and away from you, the cook. And because this isn’t an open fire, it’s nearly 10 times as fuel efficient.

If you are looking for a safe, quality stove to cook delicious food with on your camping trip or even in your backyard, you can’t go wrong with one of these Frontier Stoves!

This kit contains your wood burning stove and everything you need to set it up and use right away in your Stout Tent.

  • Frontier Stove
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Extra Flue Section
  • Flashing kit
  • Heat Mat
  • Carrying Bag



Weight 12.0000
Power Output 2.5
Flue size 60mm (2.1/4″)
Suitable for Bell tent, Outdoor, Shed, Tipi, Yurt
Colour Black
Fuel Type Wood
Pack Size 12 x 12 x 20 in
Dimensions 85 x 12 x 20 in
Transportation Method Bag
Return Policy: 

30 Day return policy, buyer pays return shipping.


For Your Safety: 

  • Please educate yourself regarding the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide associated with the use of wood stoves inside tents. Always extinguish a heat source before going to sleep. We highly advise the use of a spark mat under your stove. Stout Tent is not liable for any damage or injury resulting in the use or misuse of any manner of flame or heat source inside of any structure. A portable carbon monoxide detector is highly recommended. 

2 reviews for Frontier Stove – Wood Burning Stove and Kit

  1. admin

    These are the most amazing stoves I have ever seen. I used with all my family in the test and we were warm all night. A must for any winter or fall camping.

  2. Loong

    I just wanted to tell you I’ve been rdeniag your blog for ages and I just LOVE it. I’ve never commented, though… but I had to when I saw this. My cousin lives in England and has a new, modern gas stove in his kitchen… with a dark glass top that lifts up when they need the burners and drops down to create more work surface when they don’t. It’s wonderful – just like this old stove (but better!) 🙂

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