Guyline Rope Set (Set of 12)



Replacement or backup! Maintain a perfect pitch with our heavy-duty guyline ropes. 7lbs of 8mm woven cord for easy tensioning and treated for UV resistance. These can be used to pitch any bell tent or awning. Designed to withstand extreme conditions. This is same corded nylon guyline ropes that come standard with ALL our bell tents. Metal Tensioners included!

Set of 12


These are the Professional Grade heavy-duty guyline ropes that come standard on every Stout Tent bell tent. They can be used to pitch any Bell Tent or Awning.  Professional grade Metal Sliders are included and won’t snap or deteriorate like plastic sliders do.

Heavy Duty – 7 lbs – Rope with Sliders (set of 12)
$6.43 per pound


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