Learn the Advantages of a 4 Season Tent

by | Sep 28, 2020

Advantages of a 4 Season Tent

Just because a tent has the option for a stove does not mean it’s a true 4 season tent. If you want to try your hand at winter/snow camping, know the difference.


True 4 season tents are built with single poles and A-frames so that the snow load doesn’t have a place to sit. It also discourages sagging, flapping material against a metal frame, and poles bending in the wind. We sell and love Safari tents (wall tents), but when a customer is looking for a true 4 season tent, we don’t recommend a wall tent because it doesn’t have that shape. Neither do the arch tents, where snow can gather in-between the spines.
Season tents deflect winds with their conical shape. Wind moves around, instead of hitting a flat surface (we jokingly refer to square tents as ‘sails’ in the event industry, because these are the ones that go flying).
True 4 season tents have lots of tie off points to secure that tent down. Our Stout Tents have 13 guy lines along the roof line, and another 13 anchors around the groundsheet.
You don’t want moisture getting trapped inside. You’ll want lots of vents, and a highly breathable material, with a high denier, which is why a good canvas is so important. (Read more about how we select our Canvas, and watch some of our testing)

Why choose a 4 Season tent?

1. Winter camping is awesome! Check out our forum’s winter camping thread to read all about it. There’s nothing more fun and liberating (and confidence building for kids) then snowshoeing or nordic skiing into your campsite, pulling your gear in a pulk sled, getting cozy on a frozen lake with a good wood burning stove roaring, and a hot drink in your hand. IT. IS. AWESOME. I promise, when you master this, you’ll feel sad when winter is over. Get a few of those trips under your belt, and bring the auger to ice fish!
2.  You get to use the SAME tent for Summer! Even in the hot desert, canvas is a win. Canvas is breathable, easy to throw a Sunshade over, and if you want to glamp it up, put in a portable AC unit and be cool.
3. You’re prepared! Sometimes Fall and Spring are unpredictable, and you can get snowfall in either season, which could mean you’d have to cut your camping trip short – if you weren’t prepared with a four season tent!
4. Save room in the Gear Closet! You only need 1 tent. Be a minimalist!  It’s a great value proposition to only buy one tent!

Too good to be true?

While the year round tent is practically perfect, there is one sacrifice you’ll have to make.
1. Weight. This tent is heavy, and you can’t throw a 4 season tent on your back. However, we have some guides who do hike in and have their trail horses carry the tent (often stored in 2 bags, to split the weight for the horse).
If you’re a once a year camper, try out renting first so that you can be sure that this is the perfect tent for you!


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