We love to collaborate with like-minded brands.

We accept applications to our Collaborator program on an on-going basis. Apply any time!

We are always open to new partnerships, but before applying to our Collaborator program, we encourage you to consider whether partnering with an outdoor company makes sense for your brand. Are you an event/festival-minded individual? Do you like camping or have another connection with bell tents that would interest your followers?

Who are Stout Tent collaborators?

We love our collaborators because they showcase the many different ways our customers can use our tents. We work with homesteaders, hunters, nature photographers, festival/ event planners, and even outdoor restaurateurs. We are always looking for people who are using our tents in new and innovative ways.

What do we look for in a collaborator?

Generally, we look for businesses and individuals with a large social media following with an engaged audience.


A large following can mean different things on different platforms. However, we typically look for influencers with 25K or more on Instagram, 200Kor more on TikTok, or 10K or more on YouTube.


We are not just interested in how many followers you have; we also want to know if and how they engage with your brand. We want to see if you have an authentic connection with your audience. Are they interested in what you have to say? Do they like, comment, and share your posts or show their support for your channels in other ways?

Should I apply?

While we follow these general guidelines when reviewing applications, we consider each application individually. Not meeting the criteria does not necessarily disqualify you. Go ahead and wow us with your collaboration idea!

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