Customers buy Stout tents every day for recreational camping, as short-term homes, bnb’s, or permanent retreats that they can visit on the weekends. We’re grateful for these clients because with their feedback and real-world testing, we have pushed our product to become the most solid, trustworthy tent on the market.

We have used our extensive knowledge of canvas, and customer feedback from around the globe to put together a very extensive Maintenance Guide to help those who wish to pursue a long-term tent setup. In addition to Maintenance Guide, we often send customers canvas samples so that they can test the canvas in their own environment. We’re also always available for a phone call, and would love to help chat about any issues you may encounter, or brainstorm some ways to make your tent experience a success in any environment.

That said, in terms of our return policy and warranty, you’ll be accepting that pursuing a long-term setup with a recreational tent, comes at your own risk. We’ve seen tents left up long-term last 5+ years. This type of sustainability is always due to the dedication of a diligent tent owner who carefully engineers their setup and a little bit of luck in terms of environmental factors.

Our most successful long-term setup customers are at campgrounds that operate with a daily maintenance crew, and storage during the snow season. If you are not up for reading through the Maintenance Guide and instructions carefully, and checking on the tent frequently, this may not be the solution to your long-term tent dreams. We encourage you to think about how outdoor awnings, furniture, and boat bimini tops do in your neck of the woods. If you’re not sure if this tent would be a good fit for your purpose, give us a call, we’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you.

Due to our strong reputation for quality, dedication to customer service, and our generous wholesale pricing, we’ve become the leading choice for most glamping rental, and event companies. We’d love to earn your business as well, but we don’t want to over promise or sugar coat what goes into these setups in order to do that.

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