At Stout Tent, we’ve provided wholesale tents to some of glamping industry’s biggest names. Now, we’re excited to introduce our giant tipi into the market. Handcrafted here in the U.S., The Durango offers the same durability and all-season practicality you’ve come to expect from Stout Tent. Not to mention, it’s beautiful.

We’re confident you’re going to love it as much as we do.

About The Durango

The Durango is the product of a collaboration between Stout Tent and Ellis Canvas Tents, owned by Dave Ellis, one of the last true tent engineers in the United States. Tucked away in a small shop in Durango, CO, our teams worked long hours together poring over the final design and hand sewing hundreds of yards of U.S. sourced canvas. Across the country in Vermont, Nordic Spruce trees were harvested for the tent’s poles.

The results of this collaborative effort speak for themselves. With its buttery, tan canvas, and soft wooden poles, The Durango is as beautiful as it is practical. Leave the sides down to easily keep it warm on a cool night, or raise them up for a roomier, still covered, gathering space. The Spruce poles are perfect for hanging lights and other decor.

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Size & Capacity

Size 34′ in diameter with sides down
43′ with sides up
24′ at center
Sq. Ft 907 with sides down
1452 with sides up
Capacity 72 ppl seated
128 standing

It is possible to create larger spaces with more capacity by combining more than one tent

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What Can You Do with The Durango?

Tipi Rentals

Offer tipi rentals for all kinds of events! The Durango is not just gorgeous; it’s also practical, durable, weatherproof, and as strong as they come. This means both you and your clients can relax and focus on what’s important come event day.

Glamping Business

Give your glamping business the wow factor your guests are looking for with The Durango. Use it as a community gathering center, an event venue, a yoga hub, or other guest activities.

Glamping Accommodation

Stand out from the competition with a glamping Master Suite! With 900 sq. feet, you can create a one-of-a-kind space for your most discerning guests. Or put together a luxury glamp camp perfect for large families and groups.

Event Venue

Offer a unique venue alongside your other event services. Outdoor events are what the market is demanding, and The Durango is a robust, weatherproof, and reliable way to give your clients what they want.

Schools & Colleges

Provide your students with outdoor classrooms without worrying about the weather. Encourage nature-based learning, exploration, and adventure for students of all ages. Set up traditional style seating with desks and chairs or throw cushions around for a more laid-back style. For younger kids, create a mud kitchen, science lab, or painting space. There are no limits!

Bars & Restaurants

Extend your patio and lawn seating season with The Durango! Raise the sides and provide shade on the sunniest of days, lower them to trap the warmth when the weather gets cold. Just one tipi can add room for up to 72 extra guests! Looking for nighttime seating? Hang up your favorite twinkle lights, and you’re ready to go!

Pop-up Bar & Restaurants

Take your bar or restaurant brand on the road! Head to the next big concert, festival, sporting event, or jump from city to city to spread the word about the next big thing – you! The Durango offers 1500 sq. ft of space with sides raised so that you can fit your equipment, your decor, and your guests all under the same gorgeous canvas roof! Sure, you could drive a food truck, but why not set yourself apart from competitors with a food tipi?

Festival Tipis

Use The Durango to create portable VIP spaces, backstage areas, onsite bars and restaurants, community centers, picnic areas, and more at your next festival. Each tipi holds 72 seated and 128 standing – and can be used as modular units should you need even more space. The Durango is beautiful, durable, and practical in all kinds of weather. Whatever your outdoor tent needs may be, we can help.

So much more!

If none of the categories above fit what you imagine or already have going on, that’s okay! The Durango tipi tent can enhance nearly any event at just about every location. Reach out to one of our team members today to chat about how we can use The Durango to bring your ideas to life.