About Our Canvas Tents

What makes the Stout Tents different than other Bell Tents?

  1. Our product has exceptional quality standards, and to prove it we have the longest return policy of anyone in the market (3 X longer than our competitors policy). A full 45 days to make sure you’re 100% happy, or your money back. Our tents also come with a  5 Year WarrantyWe are BBB accredited and maintain a perfect rating. We consistently have 5 star reviews on all market places. We use canvas sourced in the USA and sew repairs and modifications in our public shop in Phoenix, Arizona. Stop in and see us sometime.
  2. We offer rentals! We know what a big purchase this can be. If you haven’t seen one in person, consider renting one of our tents. We’ll even apply your rental charges towards your purchase.
  3. All our tents armade with high quality bug screened doors and windows sewn in. Who would want to share their tent with critters? You still have the all of the canvas storm doors, and canvas zipped window shutters, but you don’t have to add any after market bug screens or parts. Purchase a swatch kit to see just how high quality our canvas and netting is.
  4. Our models have sidewalls that unzip, and roll-up. We may add a more economical option with a sewn-in groundsheet down the road, but for now, we only offer the deluxe features.
  5. Our models have a velcro stove fly, so that you have the option of a wood burning stove, should you ever need one. We never recommend cutting your own stove jack, you’ll ruin your tent. 
  6. We are the only Bell Tent retailer that sews in their shop daily. We do all repairs and customizations here in our shop in Phoenix, Arizona. We frequently add customized stove jacks for customers, velcro flys for AC units for Burning Man attendees, and make specialized groundsheets and customized awnings, just to give you a few examples of what we are capable of doing. We often repair other brands tents, especially zippers which is why we never use nylon coil zippers on our tent doors! We also love sending out Swatch Kits so that you can feel all of the canvases we use with your own hands.
  7. We are Veteran owned and operated.
  8. Here’s a link to a comparison page for more details.

Can I connect to Stout Tent via social media?

YES! We’re on FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblr, and Instagram. Keep an eye out for discounts, contests, and give-aways, and feel free to share your Stout Tent adventures with our worldwide community using #stouttent. We LOVE to see what our fans use our tents for!

How do you ship?

We process orders within 1 business day. We ship FedEx ground (3-5 day) and for regional deliveries OnTrac (1-2 days). Shipping is free in the continental US, and we have extremely competitive international rates. We offer expedited shipping upgrades as well, and we can overnight across the country if you need us to. As soon as we ship, youll receive an auto generated email with a tracking number and shipping updates. We do not require a signature upon delivery by default, but if you want us to require one for your delivery, just leave us a note at checkout.

How do rentals work?

We will ship you a single tent, or multiple tents (up to 3) in and out of state. Check out our rentals page here.  Are you renting tents for an event? We can accommodate events with friendly, knowledgeable staff to set up and break down tents and furniture. For an event quote, check out our Events page

Do you offer special rates for non-profits and special projects?

Yes, contactinfo@stouttent.com and ask for an application. We love to hear about special projects, and hold a special place in our hearts for non-profits. We have been able to help out quite a few NGOs both in and out of the United States. Here is a video that shows off our tents in Mexico where they are setup for students cataloging new species of animals and insects. We’ve also given tents to an orphanage in Africa that uses the tents to host guests and students in outdoor learning projects. Another favorite is a farm camp in IL where students stay during the Summer. 

We are also open to collaboration with artists and professional photographers and videographers. Please contact us for an application.

What about commercial options?

We have Wholesale pricing starting at 3+ tents, with increasing price breaks up to 100+ tents. We have wholesale clients in over 8 countries, and all across the United States. Fill us in on what your project needs are and we can help guide you towards a model and maintenance plan that will get you setup in the best way possible. We like to chat with our wholesale clients in depth about their environmental challenges so that we can cover any concerns and make specific recommendations. Event use is much different than a hotel extension. To learn more about Wholesale, give us a call (602-845-0609or send us a note info@stouttent.com 

Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Yes, we do offer wholesale pricing based on volume. Please contact  info@stouttent.com  with your needs and we’ll work up a personalized proposal for you.

Why canvas?

Canvas has a much longer life-span than nylon or polyester. Canvas can be re-treated for waterproofing, fireproofing, or UV agents. It is also very breathable, which keeps moisture out of the tent, prevents condensation, and keeps it from being stuffy. Canvas can be heavy, but the tradeoff is that it is sturdy and has a long lifespan. Plus, who doesn’t love that timeless romantic feel?

Why the conical shape?

The conical design leaves no flat areas vulnerable to high winds, or for rain to collect. The bell tent (aka: Sibley tent) was an adaptation to the Native American tipi. 

How do Bell Tents do in high winds?

Our tents perform well in high winds. When rigged correctly, you will stand tall in 60mph winds. We send our tents out with sturdy rebar stakes, and make our groundsheet with D-rings so that you can use whatever stakes you would like and are not limited to small stakes because of a small metal grommet.