Stout Tent accepts applications on an ongoing basis for Promotional Discounts and Trades. If approved, applicants may qualify for a reduced rate or free tent rental, or sale. Some applicants may be approved for a full trade of Stout Tent product.

If approved, you must be able to provide a deposit, up to the total retail price of the tent, until the terms of the agreement are fulfilled. Deposits are fully refundable.

Applicants are considered based on the following criteria in relation to Stout Tents needs at the time of application:

✧ Marketing Style
✧ Demographic
✧ Number of followers, potential audience
✧ Dates needed
✧ Project/Tent use

*Promotions are considered as part of our marketing budget and are alloted a certain number each year. Applications are subject to availability and up to the sole discretion of the Marketing Team and Director of Stout Tent.

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