Stout Tent accepts applications on an ongoing basis for Not for Profit Discounts and Donations. If approved, applicants may qualify for a reduced rate, free tent rental, gift certificate for auction, or free tent(s). If we approve your application and move forward with a donation, you must be able to provide Stout Tent with a Charitable Donations Receipt.

Applicants are considered based on the following criteria in relation to Stout Tents needs at the time of application:

✧ Dates needed
✧ Project/Tent use
✧ Stout Tent availability
✧ Your Organization’s Needs

*Not for Profit donations are valued at Stout Tent and are accommodated whenever possible, however, please remember that we are a small and growing company. We have a set budget for donations each year and will work within this to fulfill as many requests as possible, but we may not be able to fulfill every request. Applications are approved subject to availability and up to the sole discretion of the Marketing Team and Director of Stout Tent.

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