There are a few different ways to heat a canvas tent and we’re putting them all here for you!

We set up thousands of tents each year for music festivals and other glamping events, safe to say we’ve learned a thing or two about keeping people comfortable and warm. We’ve listed below our favorite ways to stay warm in your tent, no matter the weather. 

1. Propane Heater 

We love Propane heaters for our pop-up events. We rent hundreds of them out each year! One of our favorite events, 29029 Everesting, really needed them when they had temps in the 20’s + wind chill and SNOW on our tents during one of their big events. Talk about endurance!

• Portable/convenient
• Easy to operate
• Has some built in safety features (low oxygen sensor, tip sensor)
• Affordable (in the 100-180 range)
• 5 star rating online
Propane off-gases Water vapor/condensation
Fuel tanks are not refillable (if you use the 1lb tanks, if you use purchase the adaptor you can use a large 25lb tank that IS refillable)
Fuel ($3.50/1lb tank, so $7/night) – you can run for 8 hours on LOW. Less on High.

2. Electric Heater 

This is an option for backyard campouts, or for camping in KOA’s or other campgrounds with power at the site.

Pros to the Electric Heater:
Easy to operate
Has some built in safety features
Affordable (in the 100-180 range)
Power dependent
Zero! BUT, you just have a powered camping site, which could run you from $35-$55 per night (typically its about $10 more for a campsite w power).
**SAFETY FIRST: It’s important for your safety that you turn off and unplug your electric heater before you go to sleep for the night. Heat your tent before you sleep and snuggle under some nice warm blankets (we use a heavy alternative down duvet!)**

3. Wood Burning Stove

Our favorite choice for heating your tent is a Woodburning stove, especially the Winnerwell. It’s a solid choice for those looking for a light, but durable stove at a fair price. We also LOVE the Four Dog Stoves, especially for winter/hot tent camping.
Stoves range in price depending on how much stove you need, but the good ones will last forever.
Note: Make sure you setup your woodburner first for a hot dry run (so that it can burn off the paint fumes).
wood + stove
Pros to a Woodburner:
Lasts forever
Warm, dry heat.
Might be able to find fuel while camping
No condensation
Learning curve (how to draft, picking the right kinds of wood, etc)
You have to wake up to re-fuel
Cost of firewood: $20/wheelbarrow, or $7.50 a bag at most campsites. You’ll want 2 bags for an efficient stove on a weekend trip. Make sure your wood is very DRY, and cut the big pieces down to 6-12″ pieces, the big stuff won’t burn in a stove. Sometimes the wood sold at the parks isn’t great – and you might be better off picking up wood from a local supplier on your way to camp.
Bonus Options: Propane stove that vents out through stove jack (GStove), Pellet stove, home made stoves .
Let us know your favorite way to heat your tent!
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