How to prevent package theft

Your new Stout Tent is an investment. Preserving that investment starts right when you click “Place Order.” In our experience, the easiest, most full-proof way to prevent your package from being stolen at delivery is to select “delivery with direct signature required.” Is it a pain in the** to be home to sign for your delivery? A little. Is it worth it to prevent the stress of wondering if your brand new tent is safe? We say yes. Experiencing package theft is frustrating, and the claims process can be even worse. If you did not select the direct signature shipping option or cannot be available to sign for your package, you are not entirely out of luck.

Use the FedEx Delivery Manager Tool

Stout Tent ships with FedEx, which means our customers have access to FedEx’s user-friendly Delivery Manager. With the Delivery Manager, you can easily ask FedEx to redirect your delivery to your local FedEx office, Walgreens, or select Dollar General and grocery stores. If you see that your tent will be delivered when you are away from home, you can use the Manager to place it on hold for up to two weeks. After redirecting a package to a FedEx location, you can choose to show a QR code instead of using a government-issued ID when picking up your parcel. This means you can send that QR code to someone else who can pick up your package.

Redirect your package to a neighbor’s house or your place of work

If you’re regularly away from home, see if a neighbor is willing to accept delivery. Or, if it’s okay with your employer, designate your workplace as the shipping address.

Install a security camera

If your tent does, sadly, get stolen during delivery, you may wish you had a security camera. Again, the best way to protect your shipment is to receive it yourself; however, having a camera system can help deter potential thieves. It is also much easier to file a police report or homeowner’s claim if you have video footage of your package being stolen. Many people don’t realize how affordable home security cameras are today. Most of these cameras sync with your wifi and even a phone app so that you can check in on packages left throughout the day. Find the top home security camera system provider in your area here

Your package is lost or stolen. Now what?

So you have tracked your package, and you have determined that it was delivered, but you do not have it. Bummer.  If your package is lost or stolen, we recommend that you file a FedEx claim to recover the parcel or recoup your investment. Alternatively, if you used a credit card to make your purchase, you may be eligible for reimbursement through the credit card company’s purchase protection program. You will need to check the card provider’s website for details.

Protect your Investment

Now that your tent has been safely delivered, remember that the best way to keep it looking shiny and new is by taking proper care of it—checkout our Stout Tent Maintenance Guide for tips and tricks on preventing wear and tear.

Porch pirates be gone!

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