Seasoning your Canvas Tent?

by | Jul 16, 2020

Some manufacturers recommend that you set a tent up and spray it with water in order to allow the fibers to shrink and to close-up/seal. You’ll have some leaks and drips the first time, but once its soaked and then dried, it won’t happen again. (Until it’s time to reproof)


Why doesn’t Stout recommend seasoning? 
It certainly won’t hurt at all, but we haven’t found it necessary. We did make our first few PRO models back in 2013-2014  with a Poly-cotton blend canvas, similar to what Springbar and Kodiak cabin tents use, and for some reason we did need seasoning for the Poly-cotton canvas, but we have not needed that with any of our 100% cotton canvas that we prefer to use now.


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