Stout Tent - Bell Tent - 4000 Ultimate with Double Wall

Stout Bell Tent – Ultimate Series

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The Original Stout Bell Tents with both single and double wall options.  There is no question, Stout Tents are the highest quality tent on the market. We build hardwearing, strong tents AND provide the best service. As leaders in the market ,we stand behind our product with a 5 Year Warranty.

Every Ultimate Stout Bell Tent Includes:

  • Zip in/ zip out groundsheet, giving you the freedom to roll up the tent walls and enjoy maximum ventilation and cross breeze.
  • Pro-Metal Sliders to serve as tensioners on your guylines. Made to last, won’t snap or deteriorate from harsh UV rays like typical plastic sliders.
  • Highest quality mesh screen door and (4) windows let you open the tent for a breeze or a view without worrying about bugs or critters. Check out our CANVAS + BUG GUARD WALL for an extended mesh inner wall along the entire bottom wall of the tent.


Once in-stock, please allow 2-5 days for delivery in US via FedEx Ground shipping. Expedited shipping upgrades available.

A word about long-term use  Choosing a Tent

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Product Features:

  • 100% natural, durable Cotton Canvas. (8.6-oz/285gsm), waterproof & mold resistant.
  • Heavy duty PVC waterproof, zipped-in ground sheet (17.6-oz/596gsm).
  • Pro Metal Sliders.
  • Entirely Double-stitch sewn, with stronger reinforcement of pressure points. More stitches per inch than other canvas tents.
  • A 5 foot A-frame entrance creates a barrier from rain coming in through the door.
  • Canvas single wall option: Side-walls unzip from groundsheet and roll-up/toggled secured for breathability/cleaning.
  • Canvas + Bug Guard Wall option: Additional bug netting protection (that can also roll up) after side-walls are unzipped and rolled up.
  • Two easy protected passthroughs for power cords into the tent without affecting waterproofing/having to make holes.
  • United States phone support: We’re only a phone call away, with Mountain Standard Time Zone hours, for any questions you might have.


Dimensions for 5M (16ft) and 4M (13ft) Tents


Additional information

Weight 94 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 40 in
Tent Wall

Single Canvas Wall, Canvas Wall + Bug Guard Wall


13ft (4M), 16ft (5M)

8 reviews for Stout Bell Tent – Ultimate Series

  1. Felisha (verified owner)

    I ordered this tent after researching bell tents for the last couple of years. I was nervous at first about the quality and ease of set up. I can say after only 1 use this tent is incredible the quality is outstanding and It was easy to set up it took me just over 30 minutes for the first set up by myself. This tent also held up to a large thunderstorm/ torrential downpour not only did it not leak but it held up to 30Km/hr winds. I have never had a tent stay this dry with that much rain. I am so thankful that I took the plunge and purchased this beauty. It will be part of our camping adventures for years to come thank you, Stout!

  2. Delaney

    I have had this stout tent for years now and every time I use it, I end up saying, “Best friggin investment ever.” This last Feb, I was at an SCA event that rained 10″ in one evening. Other camps were flooded out and ended up digging trenches to avoid the hellish rivers entering. Not me! I stayed warm and dry the entire time!

    More recently, I organized a summer solstice trip into the mountains (about 10,000 feet in elev.) where we expected nothing but hot weather. Welp, Colorado decided rain and then snow. For four days, all the other campers were huddled in my stout tent while a heavy June snow hounded us. Not only was my tent dry and warm, but it didn’t sag under the very, very wet snow. Only tightened a few of the lines once and the extended awning kept all of the supplies outside dry as well.

    I really can’t say enough good things about this tent. It’s heavy and not the kind of thing for backpackers, but I’m a long-term camper and I stay out for weeks on end. This is the tent to do it with. Next purchase? One of those wood burning stoves.

  3. 04302296.js

    Great tent, and very heavy duty. Item shipped fast, with all of the materials there. This tent is super easy to set up, and is as fast as a small camping tent.

  4. thracemoon (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible quality. I was not expecting rebar stakes! One less thing to worry about. We do quite a bit of historical recreation and backwoods camping in the the Midwest and South(SO much rain). I am satisfied knowing that we will be comfortable and dry in this tent. Thank you for a great product and wonderful service!!


  5. ryboy337 (verified owner)

    This is not a tent, this is a portable home! You will be the envy of all your friends and fellow campers when you pop up this beauty at the next campout or music festival. I was worried about setup, but it turned out to be super simple and I was able to do it by myself on the first try in about 20 minutes. With the 5m diameter, I had plenty of space for my queen sized bed setup and was able to fit an inflatable couch in my ‘living room’ part of the tent with tons of space to lay out all of my clothes in my ‘closet’ and set up three small tables for my ‘kitchen’. SO much room inside and the value of being able to stand in your tent home is priceless. I was at the Oregon Eclipse event and was able to check out many other bell-type tents from other manufacturers and I can say with certainty that Stout Tents are the most durable and high-quality fabric out there. Not just the canvas on the tent…the screen mesh is top-quality as are the oversized zippers and the rebar stakes. You can tell Stout really takes pride in what they’re doing and if you have the chance to speak with them on the phone you will find them to be super friendly and excited about their business and your happiness as a customer. I have also ordered the Frontier Plus stove and cannot wait to have winter campouts this year! Now my biggest problem is figuring out when I can have the time to spend more days in my Stout Tent, I friggin love this thing !!!

  6. Ariane lortie (verified owner)

    I searched for months to figure out what type/brand of glamping tent i would buy. I finally decided to go with stout tent and it was without a doubt the best choice.
    I am so happy with this tent and with the customer service of this compagny. Even my husband who was sooo againt buying that tent because of the price was really impressed with the quality of the product!! If you guys ever want to bring that product in canada, i would love to help!!!
    5 stars for sure!

  7. sharon (verified owner)

    I can’t start to tell you how great this company is. Not only have I loved their product, but their customary service is exemplary. I returned a tent to them that was in an absolute mess, and instead of getting frustrated, they got excited by the challenge. They will go the extra mile for you!!!!

  8. kasey (verified owner)

    We ordered this tent to start a small glamping business in Hawaii. We love it, super easy to set up and with all the rain we get it holds up fantastically. Love it!

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