Stout Bell Tent – PRO Series

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The Stout Tent PRO Series  was designed with the harsher elements in mind. It’s heartier (and heavier) and better suited for long-term setups and commercial use.

Every PRO Stout Bell Tent Includes:

  • Zip in/ zip out groundsheet, giving you the freedom to roll up the tent walls and enjoy maximum ventilation and cross breeze.
  • Stove Jack, sized to meet industry standards and professionally installed to protect the integrity of your canvas. Stove jacks are covered with a flap for when it’s not in use.
  • Pro-Metal Sliders to serve as tensioners on your guylines. Made to last, won’t snap or deteriorate from harsh UV rays like typical plastic sliders.
  • Highest quality mesh screen door and (4) windows let you open the tent for a breeze or a view without worrying about bugs or critters. Check out our CANVAS + BUG GUARD WALL for an extended mesh inner wall along the entire bottom wall of the tent.


Allow 2-5 days for delivery in US. Call for expedited shipping quote (overnight available).

A word about long-term use  Choosing a Tent

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Similar to our Ultimate Series but geared towards long-term use, this is truly a four-season tent, with 10.6 oz./340gsm canvas, 2.4 oz./81gsm bug-netting, a ripstop groundsheet, and heavy duty rebar stakes. Best suited for those who need a more permanent pitch or for those who just want the best of the best, the PRO Series does everything the ULTIMATE does, but even better.


Product Features:
  • 100% natural Cotton Canvas. (10.6-oz/360gsm), waterproof & mold resistant
  • Heavy duty ripstop PVC waterproof, zipped-in ground sheet.(17.6-oz/596gsm)
  • Bug-netted secondary doors behind canvas outer doors. You can close one set, or both.
  • Extra-high-quality setup components, with rebar stakes, metal sliders and thick ropes — no additional parts needed for setup.
  • Entirely Double-stitch sewn, with stronger reinforcement of pressure points. More stitches per inch than other canvas tents.
  • A 5 foot 6 inch A-frame entrance creates a barrier from rain coming in through the door.
  • 24 inch Side-walls unzip from groundsheet and roll-up/toggled secured for breathability/cleaning, with secondary bug-netted walls that can also roll up.
  • Two easy protected passthroughs for power cords into the tent without affecting waterproofing/having to make holes.
  • 3” Stove Jack adjustable up to 6”, covered by 8” x 8” canvas cover with Velcro access
  • United States phone support: We’ll only be a phone call away, with Mountain Standard Time Zone hours, for any questions you might have.

Dimensions for 4M (13ft) Tents               









Dimensions for 5M (16ft) Tents









Dimensions for 6M (20ft) Tents

Stout Tent PRO Series 6M (20ft

Additional information

Weight 94 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 46 in
Tent Wall

Single Canvas Wall, Double Canvas Wall + 360 Bug Guard Wall


13ft (4M), 16ft (5M), 19ft (6M)

31 reviews for Stout Bell Tent – PRO Series

  1. Jeffrey Grab (verified owner)

    Excellent, durable tent! As a park ranger in Montana, this was my first season in the pro-series stout tent. It has held up to snow, hail, high winds, days of rain, and sunshine. With wall insulation and a small propane heater, it’s currently keeping me warm during 20 degree nights. After 6 months of continuous use, it’s still waterproof (although I recommend a rain fly for UV, dirt, and bird poop protection). I highly recommend it for long term camping setup in any weather conditions.

  2. Matt Jensen (verified owner)

    We love our Stout bell tent! I did many hours of research before purchasing and am so happy with our Pro model! The workmanship and quality are excellent. Our first trip out we had severe rain and we remained bone dry. The 5m has tons of room for our family of 6. The kids love the tent. The bell tent stands out with it’s awesome style and functionality. Customer service is awesome! We are so happy with our decision to purchase a Stout bell tent!

  3. Julia Wild

    I absolutely LOVE my tent!
    I took it to Burning Man and had the most epic tent set up on the whole playa! I had a queen-size bed and fluffy rugs and solar string lights… all the bells and whistles. I got so many questions and compliments about my new bell tent that I ended up making a video about it and watched a few of my friends buy it too! such a great company with a high-quality product <3

  4. Trampus King

    So happy with my new stout tent. Heavy duty, high quality materials. Took my wife and I less than 30 min for the initial setup. We will be using it for Texas ren fest in two months, can’t wait. Will update review with pics.

  5. Beth

    Love my new tent! Perfect for glamping! Nice big tent & really good quality as well! Thank you!

  6. Theresa Villegas (verified owner)

    I don’t usually do reviews….however…I did a bit of research on bell tents, yes there were cheaper ones, ones that had tons of complaints along side them. I didn’t want to replace anything on something new. I didn’t want to throw my husbands hard earned money out and wish I would have just done it right the first time. So I called Stout Tents and spoke with Nick. He was patient with me with all my concerns and questions, and steered me in the direction of the PRO. He assured me it would be shipped out by the end of the week, as it was on back order. In fact it was sent out and made it to me in time. I had also purchased the footprint, which had been overlooked, but not a problem….Nick over nighted it to me and it arrived on time before we left camping. I was so impressed with their customer service before I had even opened up the tent. When I arrived to the tent site hours before my husband, I figured I would try to put this bad boy up with the help of an older child of mine. I can hardly believe how simple it was to put together. (it was heavy and I used my husbands golf bag holder to wheel it from the car). It only took about 30 min. to put up, only because I had to tie all the stake guy lines on tent, otherwise it would have been less. It was so spacious! We had 3 queen blow up mattresses inside and still had plenty of room! They need to add business cards to their shipments…I had so many people want to know about this tent, I was told by passerbys…”thats the best tent I have ever seen!” Thankyou Stout Tents! I will now get to have more wonderful memories with all my children and grandchildren. Absolute perfection!

  7. Lorry Boone (verified owner)

    I did research before buying a Stout Bell Tent. It was generated by the focus in Sunset magazine. I went with the top quality rated tent company and am very pleased with the quality. Your customer service and support is excellent. I am not sure who helped me purchase our tent. Their insight for our location and climate helped me to pick the right tent for our area. In addition, they sent ideas too – like the use of a wooden platform that could be used to level out the tent on a slope. And one last thing, thanks for your service to our country, it is well appreciated.

  8. Sheena

    Great tent. Set up is easy. The instructions made first time set up a snap. Likewise disassembly and stowing the tent was quick and easy. We are looking forward to using it at our camp for many years to come.

  9. Sheena

    What a great tent for our camp. We needed extra living space at our camp for our kids and chose a Stout Bell Tent. Pitching the tent is straightforward with easy to follow directions. Take down and storage is also quick and easy. We look forward to using it for years to come.

  10. chrisjb1973

    My family moved out to the States from the
    UK last year where camping involves battling all of the elements and I can safely say that these bell tents are more than up to the task. The canvass is cool on summer days with the breathable cotton and great at keeping the elements out in less inclement weather although that doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue in Nevada.
    The quality of the equipment is excellent with all the components coming in beautiful hard wearing detailed storage bags, which reinforces the fact that without a doubt this is a purchase that will stand the test of time. We purchased the Pro series 5m with bug shield and an awning for the front. We are probably upgrading to the stove next year and having the tent already prepared with a stove pipe access patch was another plus for us in choosing Stout Tents
    The icing on the cake for us is the service. So rarely these days do you find a company that does exactly what they say they will do but Stout Tent goes above and beyond with call backs on questions and timely and friendly service. My advice is don’t be swayed by cheaper import variants out there. We have found out in the past that with a purchase such as this you truly get what you pay for and this tent will certainly stand the tests of time. All of this makes it especially important in my opinion to have the support of such a tried, tested and trusted company.

  11. Peri Rothman (verified owner)

    LOVE our new pro series tent! A few days after setup was complete, we had 2 weeks of surprise rain and hail storms – the tent stood up better than the ceiling of the house did! The quality of this tent is amazing and we have already used it for meals, parties and sleeping. We plan on using it long-term as an additional space for guests at our homestead in the mountains. So far, the guests have been fighting over who gets to stay out there. Best purchase, we are so happy with our new tent!
    Also – amazing customer service – could not recommend working with the crew at Stout any more!

  12. wiro sritrai

    i used this tent in thailand while on vacation, and it was perfect. The tent has good designed and quality product. Can’t wait to use it again on our next trip. compared to other i liked this one a lot better

  13. wiro sritrai

    i used this tent in thailand while on vacation, and it was perfect. The tent has good designed and quality product. Can’t wait to use it again on our next trip.

  14. joseph lightman (verified owner)

    We took our new 5m Pro Series tent up to South Dakota this July in our Subaru. While it’s a bit bulky it was great to have so much space once we were set up. And get good mileage vs driving a van or camper as I’ve done before. While we were there we had a storm come through with 50 to 60 mile an hour winds, several inches of rain and dime sized hail. The tent survived unscathed other than a small amount of water that got in due to the doors not being zipped shut at the bottom and some interesting light pockmarks from the hail. Meanwhile a Teepee nearby blew over as did porter potty’s etc. We slept good in that tent that night knowing we were going to be dry and secure.

  15. oldscoolboarder (verified owner)

    After a lot of research our family decided to buy a Stout Tent instead of other Bell or Wall tents on the market. We have a daughter with special needs so needed something a little more comfortable than a regular tent that we could also heat at night. We are planning to use a propane stove that vents outside the tents already sewed in 3″ stove jack. We are very impressed with the quality of the tent and the customer service that was provided to us throughout the process. The tent is heavy but is a lot better than hauling a camping trailer behind a truck. We are looking forward to all the camping trips lined up for the summer. Thank you Stout Tent!

  16. Jumana Sophia (verified owner)

    This tent is durable, elegant, and just awesome. We will be having events and this will be a part of them, so we’ve been able to make it an amazing and welcoming space for groups. Carpets, cushions, lighting. I plan to spend many days actually living in it this summer too. Opening up the screen walls all around is so good, perfect for where I live in Southern Oregon, where it gets hot but stays relatively dry. I would recommend this tent to anyone, for both quality and aesthetic, and I plan to get about four more of them when we move onto a bigger event/retreat space.

  17. midkiff91

    I gave this tent as a gift and she loved it. She immediately set it up in the yard and got our king size air mattress out to see if it would fit, it does. The air mattress is a little snug but doesn’t take up too much room. I noticed as we were setting up the tent the high-quality zip in ground liner and durable stitching. She loves the windows are double lined with mosquito netting so you can leave the canvas open and be sure mosquitos will not make it to you (they love her). I also noticed while we were setting up the tent she was excited and ahead of me she can put the center pole up by herself. So a small 5’1” woman can set this up alone and take it down just as easily. I would recommend carry handles on the end of the bag the tent comes in though. The tent is heavy and we tried a two-man lift on it which is difficult with the big straps. We are excited to go camp and take it out for the night but I think she’s thinking the week. Overall, she could not be more happy with the tent and has already recommended it to all of her friends who are coming over later this week to check it out.

  18. Jeremiah Braem

    Unbelievable! Words can’t even describe how amazing this tent is. We set our tent up a few days ago and are living in it until late fall. We have a whole living space set up in there, including a 55″ TV, a queen adjustable bed and a mini fridge. It looks stunning inside and out and the materials are super heavy duty and durable. We live in New Hampshire and the nights are in the low 30s, so we’ve been using a space heater. It has done a pretty decent job, but we are contemplating getting the woodstove kit, which will come in handy in the fall as well. Overall, we are very satisfied with our tent and would recommend one to anyone!!!

  19. Gary (verified owner)

    Paced my order last Monday and received my tent on last Thursday. Great customer service. They treated me like family, answering all my questions. I can’t believe the quality workmanship in my tent, perfectly sewn seams and heavy duty plastic zipper. – Gary

  20. Kimberly Coto

    As a small framed woman, I was able to set up the 16ft professional bell tent in 30 mins, with no problem. The second it was done, my toddler ran in running all around the huge space. All my neighbors have taken a tour and asked when they can sleepover. This will be our home away from home when we travel to Canada for years to come, as the quality of this tent will surely last. After two bouts of rain, not single leak. Buy this tent!

  21. eugeneypan (verified owner)

    I was in the market for a larger tent. Our family of 5 was getting cramped in a 3-4 man back packing tent, and it was getting frustrating having to sit down to get dressed. I knew I didn’t want one of those Costco family tents, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I somehow stumbled upon canvas tents, and I started looking at spring bar tents. They seemed very functional, and many people were using them as base camps. As I tried to get more information about canvas tents, my search led me to bell tents. The idea of the bell tent appealed to me more than the rugged and functional spring bar tent. It seemed more about freedom and exploration and less about surviving in the outdoors. Now, the objective was to find the best tent and the best company. I arrived at stout tent, and I am glad that I did. I emailed Caitlyn/Stout, and I got a quick reply. I asked questions about different companies, different materials, etc, and Caitlyn quickly sent me some canvas samples. I decided on the 5 meter pro series with the double wall. It was back ordered, but when I talked with them, I knew the tents had already arrived, and I received my tent in only 4 days.
    I am going camping next weekend, and so I quickly unboxed it and set it up. It is massive in my backyard, but it went up easily. The only time consuming part was hammering in all of the stakes. The quality is top notch. The kids and mom already slept in it in the backyard. I know we will use it often, and based on the initial inspection, it should last a long time. It is definitely water resistant. The sprinklers came on, and the water just beaded up. The only downside is the weight and packed size. It will take a couple of people to move it around or someone who is relatively strong. Also, it will take up a decent amount of your car storage, so plan accordingly, i.e. roof racks, hitch carriers, or a bigger SUV.

  22. Cecile (verified owner)

    Love, love this tent. Using in an off grid scenario, perfect, easy setup, quality product. The staff at Stout Tent are excellent with outstanding customer service.
    So happy we purchased this product.

  23. Jeannie Shepler

    My husband and I are so very pleased with our tent and the excellent customer service we received from Caitlyn and crew! What started out as a bumpy experience was quickly changed to an overall extremely satisfied experience. You see, we had purchased a Frontier Plus stove, and Stout uses flashing kits for just the Frontier stove. Our flashing kit is a 45 degree angle oval shape and after talking with Caitlyn we were told our tent could be customized to fit our flashing kit. When we received our tent, the hole that was cut fit our flashing kit silicone sleeve perfectly; however, the stove jack wasn’t big enough to accommodate the overall size of the flashing kit. Sadly, we had to send the tent back, but Caitlyn and her talented husband Jim modified the stove jack to fit our flashing kit. They even cut out the holes and added grommets so we could just attach our flashing kit! All of the modifications were free of charge and our tent was returned to us within a week! Stout Tent is a company that stands by their product, and their product is AWESOME! Thanks to everyone at Stout Tent for making our experience so wonderful. You truly are amazing people!!!

  24. Tracy leary

    This tent was exactly what we were looking for. The quality of the material and craftsmanship are unmatched. Plenty of room for a family of four(or8) and the dog. Reflective guidelines, seriously heavy-duty stakes and the center pole has a lantern hook. They thought of everything. The customer service is truly amazing. Used it for the 1st time this weekend and everyone that went by tried to get a pic of it. The best tent we have ever owned.

  25. stanpetroff (verified owner)

    Excellent tent, I would recommend it to anyone wanting a great high quality tent. Can’t wait to take it to burning man!

  26. Michelle Cassel

    This tent is like home away from home. I’ve been camping all my life and have gone through many different types of tents. The Stout tent is by far the most comfortable and durable tent I have used. It has a beautiful design and was surprisingly easy to assemble given its size. Our son loves to play in it so much that we decided to keep it up in our back yard when we aren’t using it on camping trips:)

  27. TAKASHI (verified owner)

    I’m the Japanese living in Taipei city.
    A tent of my order arrived yesterday. The shipping off correspondence to overseas is good!
    I also possess same
    style competitor’s Bell tent products, but it’s quite high-quality. I like it.
    The correspondence to questions, custoer service is also excelent.
    Thank you very much.

  28. Jeremy O’Donnell

    I just recently bought the pro series and received it very fast. Within a few days. It was everything I expected it to be. A Good quality big tent.
    I plan on using it on week long big game hunts. It will easly fit 4 Cots and all of your gear. I look forward to getting an awning and setting up a wood stove to complete all of my luxury needs!!
    Thank you stouttent for answering my ?’s and helping me pick the right tent!

  29. zanny

    I am so pleased with my stout tent. Every time we are in it, I feel like we are transported to this wonderful, peaceful place and time and it is just the best purchase I have ever made. That is not why I am writing a review, however. We purchased our tent about a year ago. During it’s third use, the person borrowing our tent misplaced the entire A-frame! After working tirelessly to track it down with no avail, I called Stout tents. I was hoping they would sell me the A-frame instead of making me buy the entire tent again (As the tent is only like 4 parts so missing one part is a pretty substantial loss) I couldn’t believe it! They sent it to me THAT DAY FOR FREE! It still stands that is by far the best purchase I have ever made. I love Stout Tents and will sing their praises forever and always.

  30. Bridget Brown

    Our adventure started with remodeling an old New England house from the ground up! This past spring we decided to stay close to our gardens & our home so after some investigation we found the Stout Tent Co. & we purchased 1 Ultimate 5000 Pro Edition tent, 2 days after setting it up we knew this was perfect so we ordered another! It has been so wonderful & easy to live in this tent that we are now purchasing Frontier Stove Kits so that we can continue to live in these cozy tents for another month until the house is finished. The tents are well made & we expect them to last for many summers to come, The Stout Company was a pleasure to buy from & the tents arrived quickly! Easy enough set up with clear instructions, we love our Stout tents! Thank you to them! They are 4 season tents, keep you posted!

  31. Rod Hartwig

    I used this tent on the playa last year, and I am planning to use it again this year. We had some wicked winds and the tent remained totally untouched. The canvas did well with the playa dust, some came in from when we used the door, but not much otherwise. The groundsheet was easy to unzip and powerwash afterwards. The stakes that came with the tent were rebar so they worked great, and the metal sliders got warm in the sun, but they really held the ropes tight so we didn’t have to mess with them repeatedly. Really happy with our purchase, perfect for Burning Man.

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