Stout Tent Sunshade for Bell Tents

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This Sunshade was built for people looking to cut the temperature in their sun-filled adventures.

The shade material is breathable and allows for some light to filter through while cutting down on UV rays, lowering the temperature in your tent 10+ degrees. It also helps keep debris off of your canvas (wet leaves, bird droppings, sap) that can damage the canvas over time.

The Sunshade is thoughtfully crafted to complement your Stout bell tent with a snug-but-breezy fit. Or set it up independently as a shade! You can use your tent poles, or a wooden 10′ tall pole as an alternative to set it up without the tent.

  1. Jared Ficklin (verified owner)

    My first year at Burning Man I used some borrowed Aluminet thrown over my Stout. My second year I purchased this sunshade. This was a very good decision! The fit and shade quality is excellent. I was surprised! After all that is said about aluminet this sunshade was cooler. I think the weave is just tighter and the close fit helps keep the tent in the shade. Also the setup is simpler and the look more elegant. I have been through a very hot year and a very dusty year now. I also camp here in central Texas with the tent. I Love my Stout tent and love it more with this sunshade!

  2. Wendy Grove

    I love my Stout tent. I bought it to go camping with a large women’s outdoor group. The first set up was a little longer about 45 minutes because I was attaching all the tielines and making sure everything was correctly assembled. The second time I set up the tent it was super easy and took about 15 minutes. Although the tent has some weight to it I have found that separating the tent, plows,and stakes into their own separate bags helps me move it around easier for set up. I ordered the 4 m tent thing and most of the time I’ll be camping by myself. I was able to fit a real queen size bed with the mattress inside (no air mattress) a small table into chairs and still have plenty of room to move around. I stayed warm at night and cool during the day on my first trip in the Okefenokee swamp with my Stout. And I stayed mosquito free. I would definitely re-order a tent from Stout the process was super easy and they kept me informed every step of the way as my tent was being made. It is a great investment for my camping life. Thank you stout chat I’m a customer forever

  3. Christina (verified owner)

    I’ve had my 5m Stout for several years and bought this sun shade a couple of years ago to combat Toaster Oven syndrome when camping in the desert during the summer. I was thoroughly impressed by how much it cooled my tent, easily a good 10 degrees. The shade is extremely durable and well made, looks great and is easy to install. I can’t recommend this addition enough if you’re going to be camping in a high heat area, it’s seriously a life saver.

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