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An invitation. When we sat down to talk with Eve Gaines, owner and creator of Rituel Nature Refuge, that was the word that kept coming to me. She has created a breathtaking, 20 acre oasis of invitation for exploration, healing, wellness, and connection with one’s self. This isn’t your standard wellness retreat, and she self-admittedly struggled with what to name it because this magical place just doesn’t fit the definition of typical ranches or retreats. On her website she states, “The decision of what to call the concept we are creating has been an ongoing conversation. ‘Ranch’ felt wrong, as it is not the land use relationship we practice. ‘Retreat’ felt too specific and ‘Sanctuary’ felt well, a little sanctimonious. So, we landed on Rituel Nature Refuge.”


Located several miles North of the Getty Museum in Topanga Canyon, California, and perched in the California canyons, it’s surrounded by rolling hills and 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean. Flanked by a nature preserve, weather is as close to perfect as you can get, offering crisp summer nights and warm winter days. There is an abundance of beautiful birds, and other native wildlife on the trails that weave throughout the property. It is no wonder it was love at first sight for the owners, Eve and Glenn Gaines.


After spending decades working as a designer and ceremonialist, Eve, and her husband Glenn, knew they wanted to plant their roots deeper. They had spent years devoted to raising a family and falling in love with their community, and they dreamed of finding a space nearby where they could stay connected and give back. Looking back, all the strands of the loom were being woven together with a beautiful purpose. Eve felt a strong calling pulling her toward a path of philanthropy, and obtained a degree in medical and psychological anthropology. She then became a certified yoga instructor and therapist. That expert knowledge, combined with her experience with design and ceremony, lent itself to this stunning creation (check out her website, you’ll understand what we mean!).


Eve tells us, “For as long as I can remember, I’ve held the vision of starting a healing retreat founded on a model of wellness that includes deep connection with nature and the integration of customized therapies, practices and rituals that are nurturing and transformative. Guests who visit the property love the sense of escape it offers and always speak about leaving feeling refreshed, replenished and recalibrated by their time on the land. They often speak about feeling as if they have had a real getaway and leaving inspired.” 


Rituel Nature Refuge is built on a vision of providing wellness, healing, and connection. The self-discovery destination offers services and experiences such as massage, astrology, tarot, breathwork, wellness mapping, writing and art workshops, and more. For those looking for a group experience, Rituel Nature Refuge hosts birthday parties, weddings, group retreats, and custom corporate and private events.  It’s a gorgeous venue for whatever your special occasion.


We first learned about Rituel Nature Refuge when they decided to add glamping to their overnight accommodations, and contacted us about our tents. We’re so glad they did! Now, Rituel guests enjoy a quiet refuge in the still night under the canvas canopy of a gorgeous Stout Bell Tent. With all the luxuries of a sleeping cabin – a comfy bed and soft linens, guests experience the peaceful nights of camping, but the comfort and luxuries of a resort hotel. In addition to the canvas bell tent, the property features assorted outdoor areas to relax, a Safari Lounge tent and library, a gas fire pit, a nature labyrinth, and even an outdoor shower and tub.

Stout+bell+tent+glamping+wholesaleLooking to provide the highest quality custom experience possible, The team at Rituel provides a bountiful array of food in their outdoor kitchen. Guests’ meals can be catered, or they can arrange for a private chef to prepare a special meal.


Listening to the passion, and depth of joy that Eve talks about this special place, we were reminded why we do what we do, and that we are all so much more alike than different. Stories like this are EXACTLY what we had hoped for when we started Stout Tent! Nature is the ultimate connector, it gets people back to themselves, to the foundations that matter. Eve knew this when she lit the spark for this idea, and it’s paying off! Rituel Nature Refuge is now booking out for 2021, so if you need a beautiful venue, or want to treat yourself to a weekend of “unwind and reset” after this wild and crazy year, visit their website and book your experience now.


Want to see more? Be sure to follow Rituel Nature Refuge on Instagram @rituellife

The photos and words of wisdom are well worth your time!


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