What Makes Stout Tent the Expert on Canvas Tent Maintenance and Repair

by | Aug 4, 2023

How can you know that Stout Tent knows what they’re talking about when it comes to canvas tents?

There are other companies putting similar looking canvas tents on the market today, so what sets Stout Tent apart and makes them a trusted expert when it comes to the design, material, treatment, care, maintenance and repair of high-quality, durable, and beautiful bell tents?

To begin with, we have been at this for a long time. We started our little canvas tent Etsy shop in 2013 when “Glamping” was barely a term and you couldn’t buy a bell tent in the US. We had seen these tents in Europe, thought they were cool and wanted to make them available here in the US. Since the beginning, we have focused on design and high-quality canvas. We had a little experience with canvas stitching and even did in-house customizations and repairs for many years (full transparency, we don’t anymore).

To ensure quality, our tents are made with;

  • SMBS-FR shelter-grade, 100% cotton canvas,
  • professional-grade thread & stitching,
  • military-grade metal zippers,
  • high-quality bug netting,
  • PVC, rip-stop, zip-in groundsheet.

While our brand has grown and our design has improved over the last decade, these are still the features that make our tents a wise investment.

Our Overland Sunforger 5000 tent.

As our inventory grew to the biggest in the industry, clients began asking us to create pop-up Glamping sites at their events. At first, we did weddings and birthday parties, then bigger events and festivals. Today, we produce Glamping at A LOT of large-scale events. Our team travels nationwide to produce Glamping at events like Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Fire Fly, The Gorge Amphitheater, corporate retreats, and private events.

While on the road, our team stays on-site in our tents. There is no environment we have yet to camp in and no challenge we have yet to overcome. When our customers come to us looking for advice, we speak from experience.

Today, a lot of new canvas tent companies have entered the market, but we are the only  company that has actual physical presence in the US, not just virtual employees, and that personally maintains tents. We live and have locations in extreme weather regions: northern Vermont, high altitude Colorado, the UV exposure capital, Arizona, and wet, humid Oregon. Not only do we live and work in these areas, but our event crew actually eats, sleeps, and lives in these tents for months at a time. Our lead installers spend event season living in tents while on the road in every imaginable weather condition and location; heating them, cooling them, cooking in them, sleeping in them, waking up to do it again, gaining trustworthy, firsthand knowledge.

Check out our Technical Support page for loads of useful information on maintaining the integrity of your canvas and tent.

Stout Tent Canvas Tent Bag.






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