9 Layers For Winter Camping

by | Dec 20, 2020

9 Layers For Winter Camping

Winter camping is a one-of-a-kind experience. The campsites aren’t overly crowded, and the views of the snow covered landscape can be simply amazing! Skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing are just some of the fun activities to think about when packing your winter gear, as well as your other cold weather camping essentials.

However, the most important part of a successful winter camping experience is the clothing you bring! To have fun, you have to stay warm! Read on for our 9 must-have articles of clothing for your winter camping getaway!

Must-haves for cold weather getaways   

1. Merino wool base layer: Merino wool is, by far, the best fabric for winter weather. It helps your body temperature regulate as it draws perspiration away from the skin, keeping you dry at all times. These make great items for a base layer! Look for a long sleeve crew top and long underwear.

Turquoise Smart Wool socks in the sun.

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2. Smart Wool Socks: Smart Wool Socks keep your feet warm without sweating, but are also great because they stay in place. Tip: Pack as many pairs of wool socks as you have room for. Should you happen to get your feet wet, you’ll be glad to have a fresh pair. For those of you headed out to especially cold weather, it’s can be great to wear more than one layer of socks, either to keep your feet warm while doing outdoor activities, or for bed time.

3. Fleece tops and bottoms: Fleece does a terrific job trapping the warmth of your body around you, and it’s also very cozy. No matter how cold it may be outside, fleece will still keep you warm, and the fabric dries easily in wet weather.

4. Hat: There is such a large variety of styles and colors that you can choose from. Definitely make sure that your hat covers your ears for better protection from the cold weather.

5. Insulation Jacket: These jackets are lightweight and easily compressed, helpful when you’re trying to pack lightly for your winter camping trip. You can find them in a variety of styles and colors. These are a great choice for a mid-layer, and allow you to move freely while enjoying your cold weather activities.

Man in red insulated jacket on winter camping retreat

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6. Waterproof/Breathable Jacket or Parka Coat: Depending on the fit you prefer, both are great choices to keep you warm and dry during your winter camping experience. A sturdy outer layer is a must for keeping warm.

7. Windproof Neck Gaiter: Like we said above, to enjoy yourself while winter camping you have to stay warm! Neck gaiters can be pulled up and over your mouth and nose as well which is awesome for keeping extra warm, or for areas with high wind and blowing snow.

8. Waterproof Gloves or Mittens: You’ll want to take into consideration the type of activities you’ll be doing while winter camping when choosing your hand protection. You can choose from waterproof gloves with enough dexterity for using heavy tools while camping, or highly breathable gloves for vigorous activities in the snow. Maybe fleece mountains for wearing around camp, or something else entirely? It’s always a good idea to bring an extra pair!

Woman skiing during winter camping getaway

Learn why to wear sunglasses in the snow HERE.

9. Sunglasses and Goggles: Don’t forget proper protection for your eyes, folks!  A good pair of polarized lenses can lower harmful exposure for your eyes and can help you navigate safely while out in the snow.

We hope you find this list helpful for a safe and warm winter camping experience. Let us know if you can think of any other items that might be useful!

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