A Hearth and Home in the Great Outdoors 

by | Apr 7, 2022

I’ve been an avid outdoor woman my entire adult life. I was a lover of the outdoors as a kid as well, but I’m going to start with the time I took ownership of that love by committing to make the great outdoors our home.

My husband Adam and I have hiked thousands of miles together. I love a 20-mile-day on the trail; somewhere around mile 15, you relax into nature–just shut off the tech-hustle-schedule side of your brain.

Outdoor lifestyles expand when you have more options. Backpacking gives us a transitory home in the mountains. It lets us move quickly, but it has drawbacks, which is why Adam and I were watching daily for our Stout Tent to arrive. Now we’d have a basecamp–a home away from home where we could relax, stretch our legs after a long day on the trails, and stoke a fire when the weather’s cold.

The dogs love our new Stout Tent home-base!

When our tent arrived, Adam whipped it up alone (he was too excited to wait for me to get home and knew I’d be happy to see him so happy) in the suggested 15 minutes. When I first saw the tent perched in our backfield, I couldn’t help but smile. I mean, how can you not smile at that creamy little bell nestled in a field of waving grasses rimmed with sturdy maples?

Have you been inside one of these? This isn’t your grandparents’ canvas-military-issue tent. Instead, these tents are bright and ambient. Light filters through the canvas and sets a glow to the interior. If you have a stove and jack, it sits nicely to one side, leaving plenty of room to move–sleep, hang clothes to dry, sit at a table and eat a meal. We could invite our grown children to join us in our new outdoor home and spend a week or a weekend together.

In the past, when I thought of bell tents, I thought of people living year-round in an alternate reality that I couldn’t achieve or Overlanding for months in an epic cross-country trip. What about those of us who want to get away for a week or a weekend and have ROOM, have this oasis of comfort and warmth, this place to come home to? Well, we can be Stout Tent people too.


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