What Kind of Floor You Should Use In Your Bell Tent

by | Apr 20, 2020

What Kind of Floor You Should Use In Your Bell Tent

Using a tent is an essential piece to your glamping adventure. We’ve had SO many customers send us their solutions for rugs (thank you!), and I have to share a few of those that might be interesting to everyone.
We’re proud of our PVC groundsheets, which come zipped into your bell tent. They are tan, rubbery, soft, and have a nice matte finish on the bottom, which gives it a clean and professional look. This flooring alone will suffice and you can put all your beds and furniture right on top of it, Keep reading to learn how you can dress it up even more!

stout + tent + bell + rug

Drymate Tent Carpet Mats

Amy sent this suggestion in, and while we haven’t tried them personally, she loves hers. It looks like at 7×8′ each,  you could fit two inside of a 5M tent, one on either side of the tent pole. They are super lightweight, at 7lbs each, which is awesome for packing and loading in and out of your campsite. They are made in the USA, which we love! It looks like for color they only offer gray, but for an affordable (~$70 each) waterproof and insulating floor option, we like it.


Interlocking Mats

John H. has been using these. He likes the insulating factor these interlocking mats offer. You’ll need 3 sets (each set comes with 18) to cover a 5M tent, and they do take up a decent amount of room in your vehicle, but might be nice for a longer-term option.


interlocking + mat + floor

Traditional Rug

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a more traditional rug option either – we use these rugs for our event rentals, they are soft and woven so they fold up easily, and the best part is that can get dropped in the washing machine in between gigs. There’s quite a price range on these, depending on the print and colors you’re interested in and where you buy them from. We’ve found rugs as little as $35 and as much $350.  This is the kind of rug you can expect for a cheaper option.  For a more decorative and larger rug, you might consider one like this. There are a lot of websites to choose from Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock.com are great options for a deal. For something unique and more durable, we’ve loved our rugs from Urban Outfitters and even Etsy (support craftsman!).


Woven + Rug + Tent


Round Rugs

Something so balanced about a round rug in this tent… we love using a functional RV mat as a base, and then put something brilliant and fun on top of it!


Round Rug for Bell Tent


Ken K. sent us his creation – he used his plasma cutter to build a floor – he will be sending us some finalized pics, but they are certainly the nicest way to go.

custom + tent + floor

How to Place Your Rug In Your Tent

Rug Placement – When putting a rug across the middle of the tent, so that it crosses the pole – you’ll need to put the rug in AFTER you staked the groundsheet, but BEFORE you stake the guy-lines. Lift the center pole before the guylines are tight and then slide the rug under the pole. After the rug is placed where you want it, set the pole on top of it and continue with the tent setup (staking and tightening the guy-lines).

Have you discovered a great flooring option or have a favorite rug? Send us your pictures and recommendations and post them to Facebook or Instagram using @stouttent and #stouttent


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