10 Tips for Camping Safely During COVID-19

by | Jan 29, 2021

10 Tips for Camping Safely During COVID-19

 A camping trip can be a relief and support in these challenging COVID-19 days, but what are the best options for getting out there and camping safely?

Planning ahead of your trip is more important than ever, with each state holding slightly different guidelines and regulations for distancing and quarantining. Some of the US National Parks have remained open, but we recommend checking with each park by state first. Here are 10 other important things to consider: 

10 Tips for Camping Safely

  1. Some facilities may be closed for safety purposes so make sure you have a backup plan to meet your needs. If they are open, follow distancing and sanitizing protocols.

  2. Plan for more water use than normal. Many public drinking sources are temporarily closed. Be prepared to need more water for cleaning.

  3. Keep a clean mask with you always. Even when outside, it is still possible to pass germs and viruses. You may find yourself faced with a situation where you are required to ‘mask up’.

  4. Limit the number of people you travel with. This is a great opportunity to take that solo camping trip you’ve been planning, or to spend time with one other person. In today’s world, camping safely looks a lot like camping intimately.

  5. Stargazer Pro Bell Tent camping tent set up in the woods

    Delay travel if you are waiting for test results, test positive, are sick, or have been around someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days. Find out more about when to delay travel.

  6. Sanitize! Just because you’re outdoors and social distancing doesn’t mean the need to sanitize is gone. Handrails, doorknobs, and even trail guide signs are many of the surfaces we touch without noticing. Carry a small package of disinfectant wipes in your pack or pocket. *Please Note: Most disposable wipes are NOT compostable. You may have to do some extra research and allow time to order what you can’t find locally.

  7. Be prepared! Pack as much as you can ahead of time to reduce the number of stops you have to make on your trip. There are a lot of ways to pack efficiently, but it may mean bringing less with you. If you are flying and want to avoid extra luggage costs, consider shipping your gear ahead of time. You can also ship directly to your destination. Look ahead to find a UPS Store, with FedEx, or DHL as an option.

  8. Leave no trace, bring your own garbage bags, and carry out. This is always the rule of thumb, but given that many facilities have locked their trash and recycling receptacles, you must be prepared to bag up and safely dispose of everything you bring in.

  9. Use only your stuff! Even if traveling in a small family group or with your partner, cross-contamination is something to be avoided. Outside of emergencies, avoid sharing water bottles, eating utensils, face masks, and even sleeping bags.

  10. Relax! You’re heading out into nature to get away and leave stress behind… so do it! Get out and enjoy all that camping safely has to offer!


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