The Expert Guide to Cold Weather Clothes

by | Dec 30, 2020

The Expert Guide to Cold Weather Clothes

I’m full time outside these days, living in my beautiful Stout tent and working outside in a nature based forest school where our classroom is another Stout tent. I’m back to my Montana wilderness roots and it feels good. When Stout Tent asked me if I had any recommendations for cold weather clothing, it got me thinking about how much stock I put in functional good clothes.

So here’s my two cents:

1. Wool socks. So crucial because they stay warm even when wet. My favorite go up to my knees and act like another layer.

Stout Tent contributor, Heather Anne, in Dovetail Workwear cold weather clothing2. Smart Wool base layer. Pricey, but worth it. They wick moisture and don’t stink while doing it. They also are the warmest and best wearing I’ve ever had and I’m truly hard on clothes.

3. Dovetail Workwear has me a total convert to their cozy lined overalls. Stretchy, so they are comfortable, and flattering while really being warm. They also have straps for my hatchet and pockets for knives, which are perfect for helping the kids build forts.

4. Carhartt makes a Sherpa lined vest that keeps my arms free of bulk but my core nice and toasty.

5. Berne Workwear has insulated coveralls that go over everything and have withstood -20 barn muckings comfortably.

6. Alp N Rock has gorgeous Henley’s that are the warmest and best looking under or alone, pricey but incredible quality. I’ve had mine for years and it washes and wears like new.

7. I’m a big fan of my insulated winter skirts. In this picture I’m wearing my Montbell which is reversible and I love my Prana skirt with it’s warm and Stout Tent contributor, Heather Anne, in Montbell reversible cold weather clothing skirtcomfortable waistband. They keep my backside warm even when sitting on frozen logs to teach.

8. Ugg classic boots are perfect for pulling on when I have to leave the tent in the snow and are super warm. I also have a pair of their moccasins which are a daily wear around Cottage Forest School or even town.

9. Can’t give a link to the fur trapper hat I bought in Kyrgyzstan. It’s so warm that I can’t even wear it in “normal” winter weather or I’ll overheat.

10. Most importantly, I wear a mindset that life doesn’t happen in comfort. Adventure and learning happen in the places we show up. Despite inopportune circumstances.

Use these cold weather clothes tips to get outside – it’s where life is happening!


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