Family Camping: tips for camping with kids

by | Jul 20, 2023

Picture this: a serene natural setting, the crackling campfire, your family’s laughter filling the air, and a sense of togetherness like never before.

Family camping in a Stout Tent isn’t just a weekend activity; it’s an inexpensive and fun way for families with young children to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. In this fast-paced world, where screens dominate our lives, camping offers an escape to a simpler, more authentic way of living—a chance to reconnect with nature and with each other. You know what’s even better? It magically turns bickering siblings into best buddies, at least for a while.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks designed to make camping with kids easier, more enjoyable, and filled with cherished memories.

Organized Chaos: Smart Packing Hacks

Utilize labeled plastic bins or hanging organizers to keep camping gear and essentials neatly sorted and easily accessible. To make things even simpler, create a “Camping Essentials” kit that you can quickly grab and throw in the car for your next family camping trip.

Camping with kids!

Roasting marshmallows over a campfire is a childhood rite of passage.

You may already have camping chairs and sleeping bags; if not, here are our recs. We like these cozy flannel-lined Red Camp bags that have a detachable hood. Any yoga mat will work for extra padding, but if you want something compact that inflates on its own, we like this Powerlix Ultralight pad. For camping chairs, the Oniva sports chair is the GOAT when it comes to durability, but for saving space, the Moon Lence chair is super compact and comfortable. You can pick up camping chairs for kids at any convenience store, but we like these Sunny Patch chairs by Melissa and Doug. Okay, on to the Essential Camping Kit- this isn’t everything you will need for camping, but these are things that you will want to have and won’t need between family camping trips, so it’s good to keep them all in one place for easy grab-and-go access!

In our Stout Tent Camping Essentials kit, we keep:

Next up, setting up camp!

Rule #1: Involve the kids in setting up camp! Let them help with simple tasks like pitching their own mini-tents or arranging sleeping bags. Giving them a sense of ownership makes it more exciting for them.

Create a designated play area near the campsite, filled with toys, games, and coloring materials to keep young adventurers entertained. It’s like having a mini outdoor playroom! Having new space for play makes camping with kids SO much easier. Trust us.

Finally, camping activities!

For young children, every moment in nature is an opportunity for learning and wonder. Give them a net and send them out to find bugs or worms. If you want to get really fancy, there are lots of family camping scavenger hunt games you can buy or download ahead of time.

Since you are already outside, why not set up a fold-out table or lay down a tarp, and let the kids have a blast with paint, slime, play-doh—all the messy stuff that kids love, and you hate (when at home).

From spotting wildlife to identifying constellations in the night sky (there’s an app for that, by the way), camping ignites a sense of curiosity and adventure. Can you imagine the excitement of roasting marshmallows for the first time? These experiences are the building blocks of cherished memories that your children will carry into adulthood.

So, pack up your gear, gather your little adventurers, and head out for a family camping weekend full of laughter, exploration, and lasting memories.

Camping with Kids. Family camping.

Family dance parties are extra magical on a camping trip!



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