Stout Tent Stories featuring The Land in California

by | Jan 4, 2021

Stout Tent Stories is a collection of real experiences from real Stout Tent customers  who have  taken  Glamping  to  the  next  level, and are building  a thriving  business  in  this  growing  industry. stout+tent+event+landThe Land – Philo, CA


A self-described, “nature sanctuary and haven of empathy and connection.”

The fascinating history of The Land, located in Philo, California, dates back 5000 years, when the original inhabitants referred to The Land as, Shenoa, meaning, “the peace you find in nature”. This slice of Eden will reignite the whisper in your soul that seems to only come when we intentionally connect to the earth, and one another.

Whether you seek connection with people, nature, a sacred place, or are looking for a new experience you will find it on The Land. This wondrous place truly has its own soul. The Land is located on over 160 acres of beautiful rolling hills, located next to Hendy Woods State Park. Lush Redwood trees and a breathtaking river flows year-round.

Like the name, this legendary property focuses on the honest and simple. Don’t let the word simple fool you, by “simple” we don’t mean plain or boring, actually quite the opposite. Think “simple” as in pure and fresh, back to the basics. “Simple” as in the staples of life that have been around for centuries, that so many of us take for granted and have forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life.


Since feeling good starts on the inside, and The Land focuses on all aspects of healing, the meals served on The Land are grown and harvested year round in their five-acre garden. The Land also trades and sells its fresh produce to local restaurants and other ethical local organic farmers in exchange for the fresh meat and seafood they serve.

The Land focuses on offering activities that encourage a sense of community and inclusiveness including holistic workshops, retreats, corporate team building events, weddings, and other specialized events in line with its vision. A peaceful yoga studio, Redwood trails, and natural swimming and river holes are all within walking distance making this place a bucket list destination and highly sought after facility for special events. 


So why is this magical place on our radar? The Land offers several different types of accommodations. Farm houses, cabins, charming cottages, and more recently Stout Tent glamping tents.  The original buildings onsite date back to 1908, and although they’ve been updated, the history and charm in the buildings and on the land remains. The only problem with these iconic buildings is that they hold a limited number of people. 

We first met the staff at The Land when they were looking to expand their accommodations in a classy and stylish way, but without adding permanent structures. They needed something flexible, that could easily accommodate the various events they host. Our 5M Pro Bell Tents were the perfect solution and allowed The Land to exponentially increase their accommodations, and revenue, almost overnight. The bell tents blend into the comfort and charm of the other accommodations, and also stay in line with the holistic vision of The Land.

The tents on The Land are nestled beneath a towering canopy of Douglas Fir trees and right outside the tent is an architectural pagoda with bathrooms and showers. Guests wake up and walk the wooded trail for breakfast in the lodge. With all the amenities The Land has to offer, the Stout Tent canvas bell tents have been a popular option for guests, offering a unique experience for couples or groups that want to be even closer to nature.



Interested in planning an event, or even a private getaway? Click here to visit their website and get more information on how to visit The Land. 



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