Tent Fly Setup Instructions

by | Jul 9, 2024

Setting up your Stout Tent Sunshade is simple. Follow these instructions to add your fly on top of your Stout Bell Tent, or use the Shade on its own as a shade tent.
In the Bag:

  • 1 Canvas Sunshade in Branded Bag
  • 12 Guylines
  • 12 Metal Sliders

1. Make sure Your Stout Bell Tent is already setup and staked out.
2. Remove Sunshade from branded bag and unfold.
3. Begin by tying 1 guyline (rope) to each tab along roof line of sunshade. You’ll want the long end of the rope attached to the shade.
4. Walk sunshade over top of tent and line up front door (there is a grommet to fit over the pin above doorway).
5. Stake out the guylines (can share same stake set as tent), and adjust tensioners around the shade.

To Set Up Independently
** You will need Center pole, A-Frame and stake set from your tent.
Have partner hold center pole steady as you stake out the guylines. Walk in A-frame and then adjust tension all the way around the tent.

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