Curved Canopy Awning Instructions

by | Jul 9, 2024

Setting up your Stout Tent Round Awning is simple. Follow these instructions to add a porch to your Stout Bell Tent.

In the Bag:

  • 1 Flysheet
  • 1 Fiberglass Pole
  • 4 Guy Lines
  • 6 Peg Stakes

1. Remove awning from bag and unfold. Make sure you arrange the awning so that the rounded portion is facing away from the tent.
2. Slip the D-ring at the point of the awning over the A-frame entrance on the tent. Then pull the corners down and secure.
3. Put peg stakes through loops at the bottom of each corner, and stake into the ground securely.
4. Tie guy lines into the 4 loops on the rounded part of canopy and pull forward and taught, then secure in ground with remaining two peg stakes.


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