The Woodstove Guide

by | Aug 17, 2021

Wood stoves are a quintessential addition to tents, providing warmth and ambiance during outdoor adventures, particularly in colder seasons. Stout Tent offers a wealth of knowledge on utilizing wood stoves within tents, prominently highlighted in the Wood Stove Guide and a series of insightful blogs on heating tents and winter tent living. Delve into the comprehensive Wood Stove Guide, a resource that navigates through stove selection, installation, and safe operation, ensuring a comfortable and secure camping experience. The blogs on heating tents and winter tent living complement this guide, offering practical tips, safety measures, and maintenance advice for efficient wood stove utilization. For a visual guide on stove jack installation, Stout Tent provides an informative video to aid in the process of enhancing the accessibility of wood stove usage in tents. These resources aim to empower outdoor enthusiasts, guiding them toward a cozy and safe wood stove experience, creating cherished memories in the great outdoors.

For further insights and the stove jack installation video, visit:

Wood Stove Guide

Stovejack Installation – long version

Stovejack Installation– short version


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