Why Buy a Tent Fly?

by | Apr 1, 2021

Why Buy a Tent Fly?


Tent Fly in the desert under the stars

If you’ve been searching for a Stout Bell Tent, then you may have noticed our new eye-catching tent fly! Below are answers to some frequently asked questions that will help you shop with confidence.

Q: Why do I need a tent fly?

A: While you don’t need one, a lot of customers do enjoy having one to add that finishing touch!  Consider one as a fun way to decorate your campsite – it’ll make it much easier to find your spot at this year’s music festivals! They’re also great for helping kids find their way back to camp when in your favorite campground. 

Our tent fly isn’t just decorative, however! They’re great for catching bird droppings, wet leaves, and other things not welcome on the canvas of your tent, which can help preserve the look and life of your canvas. 

Made out of 200 denier nylon with a polyurethane coating, it provides some water resistance – though our tents have already been treated for UV and water exposure and have awesome track records, so this is just a bonus! The new tent fly also provides some shade, keeping it cooler in the heat of the sun.

Q: Why don’t you make yours in tan like other companies do?

A: We’re not trying to fit in! The goal of this tent fly is to help you and your campsite to stand out! However, if you’re looking for tan, check out our  HDPE Sunshade which is useful for protecting your tent and keeping it cool. 

Q: What is the difference between a tent fly and a sunshade?

A: A tent fly can offer some protection from the glare of the bright sun and help to cool the interior, as well as some rain protection, but its main purpose, when added to our bell tent is decorative. A sunshade cuts down on UV rays that may damage your tent. It will also help to reduce the inside temperature by up to ten degrees.

Q: What color options do you have?

A: Currently available in Beach Day Blue and Metro Escape Gray. Adding it to your canvas tent will give your campsite an instant style update, plus, imagine how much easier it will be to spot your tent in a sea of canvas the next time it’s pitched at a festival!

Q. Are these good for long-term use?

A. Because of its purpose and design, the tent fly are light-duty so the fabric won’t stand up to the demands of long-term setups like our other products. Over time you may begin to see fading and degradation from harsher environmental factors. For long-term setups, please consider our HDPE Sunshade, which provides more UV protection.

However, if your plan is to use your new tent fly for festivals, occasional camping, or even on its own at the beach, this is the perfect choice!

 Q: Can I use a tent fly on its own?

A: Yes! Although listed as an accessory, our fly makes a great canopy for short-term or single-day uses. Whether at the beach, picnic, or BBQ in the backyard, a tent fly will add color and fun to your event



If you have any questions about our tent flies, please reach out! We’re just a phone call or email away!

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