Fall Glamping Decor

There’s just something about a canvas bell tent that brings out the aspiring photographer in all of us. They’re not just incredible four season tents, built to survive harsh conditions and stand the test of time, bell tents are also beautiful – perfect for dressing up just about every event.

So, why not have a fall glamping decor photoshoot?

Here’s some gorgeous bell tent eye candy to inspire your next camping or glamping adventure. (And a glimpse at what fall glamping decor in Arizona looks like!) Let us know what you think!

Stout Tent Glamping Shoot - Fall

Stout Tent Glamping

That orange blanket is a Rumpl Blanket. We’re obsessed. Think of your favorite puffer vest… turned blanket. We highly recommend one whether you’re an aspiring photographer or a hardcore outdoor enthusiast. Rumpl is for everyone.


Fall Glamping Photoshoot


Ah, the star of the show, no matter where you take it. The Stout Bell Tent Ultimate Series.


The canvas walls and netted walls are both zipped closed.

In the picture above you can see both the canvas walls and netted walls are zipped closed.

In the next two pictures, however, the canvas side-walls are unzipped from the groundsheet, and rolled up. Notice the difference? They are secured with toggles, and the second netted wall is still zipped into the groundsheet.

With netted side walls zipped closed.

Double-wall version, with canvas sides rolled up, netted walls zipped closed.


Breathability and comfort at it’s finest.

bell tent fall glamping photoshoot

Here you can see our Ultimate 4000 Series on the left and the Pro 5000 Series on the right. Not to mention, a gorgeous fall glamping setup. Grab your Rumpl, folks – the campfire is calling!

Stout Tent - Rumpl Blanket - fall glamping decor - bell tent


fall glamping decor - stout tent bell tent

This 13′ diameter tent has a zippable groundsheet, with a double bottom wall and additional mosquito netting. Sweet dreams.

Stout Tent - Bell Tent - 4000 Ultimate with Double Wall


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