Patrick Wiley

Hannah Hynes-Petty and Patrick Wiley are currently living full-time in a Stout Tent Overland 5000 Sunforger while restoring a 15-acre farm long overrun by invasive species, including Himalayan blackberry, holly, and more. In the future, they plan to run programs such as wildlife tracking, environmental stewardship, conflict training, and crafts aimed at connecting people to each other and to the landscapes within which they live. You can follow their experience at Blog | Rain Mountain Adventures.

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Heather Anne

Heather Anne was raised an adventurer, off-grid in the backwoods of Montana. Today, she is a mother to twin girls and an enthusiastic survivalist, passionate about sharing her unique skill-set with the world. Heather believes wholeheartedly in community and in living simply. She seeks to bring awareness to the importance of skill sharing and the bounty of nature over modern disconnection and consumerism. She now lives in Michigan, where she teaches at a nature based forest school and lives full-time in a Stout Tent 5M Ultimate. Her next adventure is to run the Pacific Northwest Trail which spans 1200 miles through the wilderness, high desert, and coastline. Follow her on @lilmustangrunner .

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